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Blogging from my artwork, guitar building, travels and riding motorcycles

For a long time - more than three years - I have been keeping silent here about the things I love to do. I have been silent about the people I love. This updated site and drawings and paintings shown in it, stories of making, travels and travel pictures tell a bit about my life as I want to present it.

A slow diary of markingsThis would include something about the background of painting and drawings I made or am about to make or just think I might perhaps do. I kind of think that putting ideas on paper would help me steer the pictures into completion. Or one good thing - writing the idea down and letting it mature in silence.

Poppies in the mist.

Like the one to the right:

It started as only a simple sketch of poppies (a memory from Danish crop fields). A try out if some off-white could be painted on the colored back ground to bring some "foggy" atmosphere in there.

And the whole picture begun to remind me of my daughters and wife.

My beautiful poppy flowers.

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