• Jussi

Just a crappy Acoustic Guitar

My dear wife, after getting bored of my nagging and sighing, just went on and bought the acoustic guitar. 30 euros worth of Christmas present. And I was happy as a five penny pony. After about 35 years of silence and other stuff on my way, I finally got a new guitar.


My daughter, the eldest still staying in the house, pretty much right away, got bored: "Go play somewhere else, please. I want to sleep!" I suppose my playing or practicing at that point was quite painful to her ears (to me, it still is).

This lead to an Idea! Something more silent, perhaps?

Glued on out kitchen table
The first electric guitar, neck thru. Alder body with three-ply wenge and maple neck.

So I thought that an electric guitar, from scratch, would do the job: some artistic artifacts by hand, silent - more or less, and I get to learn something new about woodworking and playing guitar.

Winner Idea!