• Jussi

Old me, new for You

For many months, that is, almost two years of Corona, I have been working in a home office without any idea that I could attend any public event.

And all of a sudden: starting December 1st this year, there's an opportunity to organize a private and the first exhibition consisting only of own works in the Pop up - Kulttuuritalo Vanha Apteekki (gallery site in Finnish only).

My black and white history

From school times onwards, I heard and later read that black or white is not a color and that there is no black outline. And yet for the last 15 years, there has been more and more black India Ink and washes and black line in my pictures. A lot combined with acrylic paints or watercolors.

Maybe it all started with black and white photography in the 70s. My father taught me to take photos, develop films and pictures in my own lab. And of course I got to know the old masters of photography, e.g. Robert Capa and others and also Finns like Signe Brander.

When I read Lucy Cousins' ​​Maisy books to children in the evenings, I remember paying attention to the bold black outlines of all figures.